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Canadian Citizenship

We can help you in the various steps (How to apply for citizenship, How to face the citizenship test and what to study for it, How to prepare for citizenship ceremony etc) of getting Canadian citizenship.


You will find here the best immigration lawyer to handle the whole process of Family sponsorship (Sponsor for your partner, parents, relatives, friend, grandparents etc).

Corporate Immigration

You can immigrate to Canada through Start-up visa program. We assist you in many necessary steps like coordinating with different departments for a smooth experience, language testing process, etc.

Express Entry

You can immigrate here as a skilled worker and settle here. We will help you in the various steps like how to submit rightly your express entry profile, how to apply for residence if you are invited etc.

New immigrants

We will help you how to apply for a permanent resident card, main eligibility requirements, proper application steps, etc.


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    All About Immigration Law & When You Should Engage an Immigration Lawyer ?

    It is a very common question we receive often that when should I hire an immigration lawyer in Edmonton, Canada? We have seen many cases where people unable to manage their immigration matters properly. So, if you are not an expert of law then you should definitely consult an immigration solicitor to solve your immigration issue properly.


    SELECTION PROCESS OF IMMIGRANTS ===> In Canada, there is a proper definite plan for Immigration. Under this plan Immigrants are chosen by three different ways...1. There power of economic contribution. ...2. For family reunification ...3. On the basis of humanitarian works. There is a limited quota of immigrants every year decided by govt. Canada plans to welcome 330800 immigrants in 2019, 341000 in 2020 and 3500 00 in 2021. SCREENING PROCESS ===> Canadian government’s most priority sector is safety, health, and security. So, every immigrant must have to give a screening test before getting citizenship. If a person wants to be a Canadian citizen he/she must provide some documents...1. A police certificate (for criminal record checking purpose.)....2. Their biometrics (fingerprints, photos, etc.) .....3. Hasn’t committed any serious crime before....4. Not risky for national security...5. Have valid travel certificates... and some others. IMMIGRANTS SET UP FOR SUCCESS ===> Canadian govt. has a proper immigration category based on the economy (economic immigration category). Through this process, skilled immigrants are chosen who are able to contribute to Canada's economy. Express entry system is a good example. There are some deciding factors like language skill test, educational background, work experience, job offer, any nomination from a province or territory, etc. If you can manage to get a very good score, then only you will be invited to applying for immigration.There are 500+ settlement services here. They help new immigrants in various ways like proper education and learning about life and community system in Canada, proper language training, find a job, etc. KNOW MORE


    If you want to study in Canada then you must have proper certificates to stay and study for years. Almost 200,000-250,000 International Students and Researchers from various parts from the World Choose Canada as their first preference for Higher Study as Canada has some World's Best Colleges and Universities. Canada has a Unique Multicultural society. We are sure that Present Students from abroad surely enjoying this awesome experience. In order to come to Canada and higher study, a candidate must have student visa . It is the official document to stay and study in Canada from abroad. It is issued by the Citizenship and Immigration department, Canada.


    WORK PERMIT ===> If you want to work in Canada you need a Work Permit. A work permit is nothing but a written approval issued by an official which allows an individual who is neither a native (citizen) or a resident to work in Canada. This license is most needed one whether the employer or employing authority is in Canada or not. Generally, a work permit is granted to worker based on the basis of an employer, a particular and confirmed job, for a particular time period and as per Labor Market Impact Assessment (LIMA).Canadian Laws Protect all workers in Canada Whether the worker is from Canada or not, that doesn't matter means Canadian law protects all the rights of workers from Canada or from abroad. An individual Employers or any employing authority who recruit you here must: 1. pay properly.....2.Ensure your working environment is Safe.....3. Can't withdraw your passport or working license. BUSINESS PEOPLE ===> These programs vary greatly across Canada as they are normally supported by the provinces. Quebec has the most developed business immigration program, which includes self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Each of these subcategories will require a business experience and a certain level of net worth. A WORK PERMIT BASED ON YOUR BUSINESS PROJECT ===> Since Canada favors the permanent settlement of temporary immigrants who have already become well integrated into the Canadian economy, one of the most effective strategies for business immigration is to first obtain a work permit based on of your project. If, for example, you want to start a business in Canada, or invest money in an existing business, you could get a work permit. If you create a subsidiary of a foreign company, you could also get a work permit ... This is also true for individual business projects (self-employed), and many more ... A business project in Canada gives you the opportunity to come to Canada with your family. By first having a work permit in Canada, your spouse will be able to work and your children will be able to attend school. If you also have the objective of establishing yourself permanently in Canada, we can make sure that this first temporary stay will qualify you for permanent immigration. Since obtaining a work permit is fast, by choosing this route, you can be in Canada quickly. PERMANENT IMMIGRATION VIA A SPECIFIC PROGRAM FOR BUSINESS PEOPLE ===> Some business people will be better served by immigration programs that lead directly to permanent residence. These programs are often heavier, but offer additional stability to the family who want to relocate permanently from the start. Permanent immigration programs for business people are largely managed by the provinces of Canada. Each province has its own programs, so the offer is varied. Usually, management experience, a certain net worth and a basic investment will be required. These programs are usually subject to certain financial and / or entrepreneurial conditions. It is important to choose the right path for you. When it comes to business immigration, it is imperative to be advised by rigorous and ingenious professionals, who will understand all aspects of your project, but also the preferences of your family. We promise to guide you .


    If you are a citizen from some specific country then you will require a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) to visit and stay in Canada. TRV is an official certificate issued by Canadian Visa office which will be incorporated in the International ID. It is the conformation that you have met all the eligibility criteria to be a impermanent resident in Canada. (Visitors, students, researchers, skilled workers, etc). Super Visa is only for guardians (parents and grandparents). The validity of super visa is for a max period of ten years.


    A person who is more than 18 years old may support or sponsor certain family members to Canada. The person who wants to sponsor his family members must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. These may include: Husband, wife, parents, grandparents, dependent child, partner, common-law or conjugal partner,Sibling, nephew, niece etc. Family Sponsorship is a very vital part of Canadian immigration system.Our immigration lawyer will give you the best support if you contact us for any issue regarding this.
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